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Reading Or Converting Xps Files

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I often have to manage xps files. Sometimes I receive them included in a mail, sometimes I use a xps printer on a friendâs  PC when no pdf printer is available and the  physical printer is out of order.

Unfortunately, not all devices have a xps reader available. So, I started looking for a portable (standalone) reader or converter I could carry on a USB device.

I found it mentioned here :



The free version of the  software can be found here :



This is a very light weighted binary file. As mentioned in the readme file, use it in order to display the content of an xps file if you donât have reader on your PC. For instance, if you want to see which animal is in the file named tiger.xps, just type  the following :

gxps.exe tiger.xps





More smartly,  use the embedded ghostscript engine in order  to convert your file (here named input.xps) to a pdf file named out.pdf

gxps -o out.pdf        \

     -sDEVICE=pdfwrite \




And this out.pdf file can be read on any system having a pdf reader, a tablet or an androit phone for instance. Isnât this marvelous ?



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