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What Is The Best Adsense Alternative?

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i got ban in adsense.... huh...i try to apply new, but.... no luck!!!i tried other like bidvertiser, adbrite but im not earning!!!i need something like paying with paypal...any suggestions?


I had same issue, When Adsense just banned me, I went to Infolinks, valueclick media and edomz. All three are relaible and paying network, but that is for sure google adsense in the best ads network in term of earning.


Microsoft has a new adservices that incorprates Bing. Actually.. it really isn't "new" im just referring to it as new because I just found out about it haha. Anyway though.. it's probably the most competitive service to adsense that's out there. It's obviously not going to pay you the same, as Adsense is probably the best on the market for the payment and such. However, it's a very very viable alternative. Check them out if you have the chance. They also do the revese of their ad programs where you can instead have them advertise keywords for you.. and this is cheaper than adsense. So, yeah, it makes sense why their ad service youre talking about will pay you less.


Hope that help.



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