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Google's Great Policy For Employees

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Google, the giant in the field of technology has got an equally giant heart which takes care of its employees not just when they are working for Google, but also after death. Google's policy for death benefits is a benchmark for many others in business, as the policy has incorporated the privilege to be given to the families of the deceased. According to the policy, the spouse or the domestic partner of the deceased would receive 50% of the salary for 10 years, the deceased stocks are vested and each child of the deceased would receive an amount of $1,000 a month upto the age of 23, if the child is a full time student, else the age of aid drops down to 19.
Moreover there is no fixed number of years set for a person to complete in the company to be eligible for the benefits. S/he is eligible from the time s/he joins the company.Google however, has a modest approach towards their own policy and maintain that it is nothing to be boasted about.

There are many other privileges that the employees of Google are entitled to, like granting of parental leaves, on site facilities for dry cleaning, free food being provided and more.

It is indeed very good to know about the company dedicated to developing ultra technical stuff and making millions, has also got some focus on making the lives and even the afterlife of the people who are valuable contributors to their success, better.



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