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The Quality Of Godaddy.com Different opinions




Godaddy is a registrar. The website offers the option to buy a domain name. Some people say, that the quality of the service of godaddy is bad.




An approach to estimate the quality of something is to measure this something by values set on forehand. This approach delivers the opportunity for other people to control the way of thinking and to understand the valudations that are used. This approach offers an opinion based on a structured way of thinking.




This topic deals with the quality of godaddy as a registrar. This topic doesn't deal with the webhost quality of godaddy.




Some elements that can be used to value and judge the quality of godaddy are:


1. the price of a domain

2. the speed of the website

3. the quality of the service

4. privacy issues

5. after sale service

6. options to change the domain to another registrar

7. customer friendlyness

8. the clearness of the information on the website

9. hidden costs

10. spam by the registrar to the email account used to register


A way to get an impression of the quality of a company is by searching for the product and the company on Google. Also some forums can help to get information. When other people met problems using the service of godaddy they might post about the problems on websites.


Godaddy has a website dedicated to the problems customers face. The name of this website is nodaddy.com.


This website doesn't seem to offer opinions based upon facts and figurs. The absence of fundamental facts about the service of godaddy makes it hard to understand the value of the opinion of nodaddy.




On first sight it seems the forming of an opinion about the quality of godaddy might cost some efforts.


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