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Find And Run Robot


If you keep track of your old and new files and want them to open instantly then there are some desktop search and launch type of programs. I'm not talking about something like launchy but more of software that indexes the files and applications. Ans run them whenever some shortkey or mouse button clicked. These type of softwares vary from spyware to simple freeware. Google desktop used to be one choice for many folks as it was not only keeping log of local files but also internet search history. But it looks like software like google desktop is not longer being updated by the team. Another alternative like copernic is also going to be less effective because of no recent development.

In such a case you can use 'find and run robot'. This software lets you do many things with it's interface. Not just click and launch but also indexing of local files. Some searches also include the file content so it is possible to search files effectively. Only thing is that it's not going to keep cache of internet surfing and also some other stuff that copernic and google desktop used to do. But for file searching it is quicker than windows file search or even linux files search.

I have tried this software already and found it suitable for my needs. If you have similar desktop searching needs then check find and rub robot.


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