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Posting A Manual Thoughts about posting a manual on the forum


How to post a manual


There are several ways to post a manual. The first option mentioned here is the option to write a tutorial. A tutorial can be completed and be posted in the tutorial section.


Another option is to write a manual. A manual can be posted in several posts. There are several differences between a complete tutorial and a manual in different posts. A tutorial has to be complete when the tutorial is posted. The idea is that a moderator will read the tutorial. If the moderator approves with the tutorial the tutorial becomes visible in the tutorial section of the forum. An disadvantage is that the tutorial has to be completed when posted. And it is not possible to edit the tutorial, because the tutorial is not visible when sent in. The danger of posting a complete tutorial is that the impression can rise that the tutorial is copied and pasted from the internet. It is very unlikely that a manual that is written and posted in different posts in one topic is a copy of an article that is taken from the internet.


An advantage of posting a manual in different posts in one topic is that the writer of the manual can get responds and feedback from other members of the forum. Steps and information in the manual that are not clear which the writer becomes aware of because of the reactions and the questions of other members can be explained in other posts.


For these and other reasons it seems to have some advantages to write and post a manual in several posts in one topic in stead of writing a complete tutorial.


Writing and sending in a complete tutorial seems like dropping a lecture or a paper. This is not the same like posting in a forum, getting reactions of other members and communicate and interact about the content of the posts.


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