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I want to know if there are any sites like Searchcactus and Microworkers , that are legit and supports all countries and give small tasks to earn small amount of money . If so please post them or if you are registered give your referral link . I dont like Microworkers because there are really less tasks and most of them are about blogs.


Amazon has one site called mechanical turk. This site is available for all the people in world unlike paypal restricted website. You can complete offers that applies to your country or if the owner is ready to get input from people around the world. You can also get the money as gift card or directly to your bank account. Both these are fine considering you want to get cash or earn money in bank. Some people even sell their gift cards and earn their commission on the card. Another alternative is massworkers. this has less offers compared to the other offers on mciroworkers or mechanical turk. The pay is also at high point which is very annoying. I don't think there is any point in using that service though as it pays very less. You can try if you're pakistani or philipines user because conversion rate for you guys is much higher. Just one suggestion- if paypal isn't available then ask for alertpay. Myeasytask - is similar to microworkers and there are some good jobs and the pay there. Some say that it is very easy and you can get payout in week. So it depends on your work and how you get the jobs. If you luck is good then surely you'll get some better jobs. Else you'll take more time to reach payouts. It also pays via paypal and the alertpay system. Hope these three helps you to earn some micro funds for you. :-)


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