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What Is Effective Way Of Marketing!


Hello guys, would you like to share your opinion on effect way of marketing? According to me now these days marketing through text message is going to be very popular. Every sellers/buyers are preferring text message marketing because 90% of customers read their mobile text messages in minutes, 10% read email when they can. Please let me know if you know any other way of effective marketing.

I'm waiting for your replyâŚ.


The site which you linked is not into marketing but more of into spamming. Such sites sends sms to mobile which often are under do-not-disturb registry. So basically by getting phone numbers via internet and then spamming them with your ads or so-called marketing is not at all effective marketing. Unless ofcourse the crowd is intelligent to sense that, else that spam is also not annoying to some folks.By the way, if you have no yet read the rules. Spamming this forum is against rules and i'm just waiting for the infraction on your account. Basically you asked us one question in the title then you pitched marketing link in the reply and then you're waiting for replies from others ? Hmm. hate to make this turn into spam thread. Instead i guess moderators remove your link and allow discussion here so that other can discuss without sales pitch from you.


The topic is quite old now but I think the matter discussed is still alive.SMS marketing (or I should say SMS spamming) is quite common in my country. And I think it is in its worst form. People collect mobile phone numbers from business cards, stolen sim cards and other gray sources and then just start pushing many messages to each of these number. As I said the spamming is in its worst form, so are its results. Very few people even bother to see what is inside these messaes after they recieve such messages from unknown numbers. The reason it is not stopping is because SMS messages are extremely cheap here. You can get 10,000 messages for 83 PKR (less than $1). And this offer is for prepaid customers. Post paid customers have even cheaper rates.And as these messages don't cost much, the spammers keep on spamming and even the small amount of results they obtain is a success for them.


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