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Google uses a standard to pay for adsense ads, or the pagerank of my site influences the way in which Google calculates the percentage of my winnings.


Google uses a standard to pay for adsense ads, or the pagerank of my site influences the way in which Google calculates the percentage of my winnings.

I don't think the page rank of your website effects the basic calculation of your income through adsense. Yes, in an indirect way, the page rank of your website may effect the total income, which you can earn from your website but direct influence is negligible if any.Now let me explain the basics of calculation of adsense earnings. The main thing that counts in calculation of adsense earnings is the advertizer's bids. Let me make it simple. The advertisers, who place ads on websites through adsense, determine the amount of money they will pay for each click. Then when the ad is clicked on a website, a portion of the amount of money decided by the advertiser is paid to the webmaster. Other factors which influence the earnings from adsense ads include the originality and validity of clicks and the performance of the adsense account.
The way in which the page rank (or in other words, reputation of a website) influences the income from a website is explained below. When a website becomes popular in its niche, the advertizers start competing for place on it and in this way they tend to bid higher and higher for targeted ads. In this way the earning of a high quality website may be more than the earnings of an ordinary website, however, this phenomenon is very rare because only a few websites manage to become so pupular that advertisers start competing for some advertising space on the website.


Public pagerank is fake and still people follow it. Being an open ranking system makes it easy for people to manipulate it. Think about it, why google will equate it with real algorithm change ? They'll not do that at any cost. So you can safely avoid it. Google changed their algorithm recently and nw it';s hard to rank for some long tail keywords so in my opinion it is better to target other search engines. You get basically garbage results or google manipulated results for your query. I mean some queries gives you google books or groupon links, which is useless. You should try to find the data and the information related to the trustrank which is hidden part of the algorithm and your earning is dependent on that. Because better trustrank higher the earning and hence the more clicks and views. You should concentrate on social media traffic now because in 2-3 months even trustrank will change and people will need to get used to it. They're also making google a more personalized search and for that you need to adopt as well. This will change your approach and so earnings will reflect to that as well. Concentrate more on your site and then worry about SEO. Try to be more independent of SEO and so you'll be able to get more traffic from other sources than google.


Well i think the google is the best tool in the web world which is giving more and more income to everyone and we can earn so much money through the google adsence and i hope you will also get much money through the google adsence procedure but thanks for Your post i like it so much.


LOL. Best tool that is giving more income to everyone ? Ahem*, who's that everyone ? demand media, about.com or something else ? I never found out people earning more from google after panda update. The reason google broke itself and is struggling now to get quality results shows that it's not good anymore. I think you're under impression of brand power and it's features and not looking it in terms of user and marketers perspective. If you start to look at it from that perspective then surely you'll change your opinion. Second point, so much money from adsense ? are you kidding me ? how much money you're generating these days with your site ?Panda update made it so hard on websites that they're hurting in terms of traffic and the eCPM rates are also going down. I hope you know all this before making generalized statement. Anyway, i guess i'm wasting my post, because your reply looks like Xrummer post, so you could be a bot.lol.


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