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Popular Language - Php Or .net Which one is the popular language in internet


Please tell me which language is the popular language if we compare between PHP & ASP.NET. If it is PHP then why because I think we can make every application in ASP.NET which is possible to make thorugh PHP. If any application which is not possible through ASP.NET then let me know.


Problems are not solved with popularity contest like american idol or masterchef programs thinking in programming language. Problems are solved with right tools, mindset and possibility of language to solve the problem quickly without much coding. For example, using C# for embedded system is like catching russian train to go to new york, because C/C++ can be used to do this job. When comparing with .NET you need to understand the server requirement and the problem complexity. If you're big business and have lot of clutter to manage in this case .NET based programs and ready to use solutions outperform php's start from scratch mindset. So you can't compare these two based on your personal preference because you're solo developer and solo development can't be compared with business network development. Php has lot of advantages in comparison to ASP in case of tools, environment and server support. For example, there are 0 to less number of free hosts for asp but there are countless free or affordable host for php. PHP and ASP both are easy to learn and work with so there is no comparison on learning curve. Frameworks in php makes things way too easy, same is the case with asp. ASP's performance with MS-SQL is way better than on mysql. So things like this if stacked are turned into large lists of pros and cons. What are your problems ? and which language you have used and find comfortable ? these are the questions that need to be answered before solving problem. Just because any language is popular doesn't make it better. Just because linux is becoming popular doesn't mean it solves problems on learning curve, game development and business, it creates more. Stop chasing popularity contest and find out the language that works for you.


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