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Commercial And Free Use Of The Internet. The battle continues.


The difference between free and commercial use of the internet




The original ideas



One of the original goals of people who used the internet in the years the internet was created was that the internet would be for free.

And there are still some features of the internet that are for free.

So those websites still keep the original idealistic idea of the internet alive.




Examples are;

1. The Youtube. People can load and watch videos for free.

2. The Google. People can search the internet for free.

3. Social networks;

People can join and use the websites of the social networks like the Facebook and the MySpace for free.

4. Operating programs.

People can download operating programs like the Linux for free. The use of the Linux is for free too.

5. Free programs.

An example of a free program is like the OpenOffice.

For almost every paid program are 1 or more free programs available.

Examples are virus scanners.

6. Programs to have a look at websites of the internet and the world wide web are free too.

Since Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers are offered and used for free.

7. Internetdating. Next to commercial dating sites there are free dating sites like the site of the http://www.pof.de/


8. Lots of commercial programs offer a free product and free use of the product for some time to experience the product before making the decicion to buy the product.

Examples are the Windows 7 and video editing software. For instance Sony offers his video editing software packages to compose and to edit videos as a free trial for probably about 1 month.

9. Text showing software is free. Adobe offers its programs to watch forms and files with text for free.

10. Websites that offer email. The Yahoo, the Gmail and the Hotmail are websites that offer means of internet communications for free.




Since the start of the internet there can be watched a battle between the commercial use of the internet and the free use of the internet and its functions.


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