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Hi, i currently use 2 Pay to click websites they are very good as i get money just for clicking ads which is fun!


And i also use


Why don't you sign up

you get paid for clicking ads its awesome!


This topic was posted in a wrong place.I moved it here, where it's place most probably is.RegardsYordan


Thanks, sorry didn't really know where to put it this is just clicking ads and making money its very good :)all try the link!


you have conveniently forgotten to mention that these sites don't work well unless we have a very large amount of active referrals who click the ads regularly. you've included your referral link here hoping to get more referrals isn't it I'm sure most people here know about these sites already and maybe you won't be getting as many referrals as you expected. and anyway i think referral links aren't allowed to be posted in the forums? im not sure and am too lazy to check in the rules now. anyway i think these sites are a waste of time unless you have an army of referrals wasting their time to earn your money! some other useful work can be done instead of spending time on these sites and if we find some good work we can earn much more than what these ptc sites offer. anyway, good luck to those who are planning on joining these sites.


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