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Is Ipb V3 Too Complex?

The Simpleton1405241582

The reason I had to come to Xisto is that the Xisto forum has a downtime for the myCENT script, which was due to the upgrade of IPB to V3 (3.X.X don't remember ) The new version is obviously better looking provides more features, but is it too buggy in general? I've seen V3 at another forum I visit and there too it took some time for everyone to get adjusted to the many minor errors they kept getting from time-to-time. At T17 there are experienced people looking after the upgrade so the errors are small in number but sometimes there are silly errors like the side -panel beside members' post appearing broken, or the subscriptions option not working properly or sometimes the same page doesn't appear the same after some time. So I just had to ask - is this version really too buggy? There have been many updates for it and yet it seems to be taking some time for the members and the admin(s) to get used to the new features. I'm guessing the complexity of the admin panel has increased a lot in this new version. Am I right? Could someone experienced answer this for me please?


Hmm, seen the update over there. Looks like it takes more time to update and do some things. And even worst mycent over there is broken or in upgrade whatever. Point is Xisto forums doesn't require upgrade as of now. Let it remain there for some time. Unless there is trully need for it. I see a lot of clutter on the Xisto forums because of this new upgrade. Especially with the updates of user status in right side bar which is not necessary and is not going to benefit in terms of SEO or traffic.Anyway, it's change with name and forum so there. I don't think the version is buggy cause many other forums are using it and everything is going fine. The problem is things are breaking because opaque is updating mycents and adding more ways to earn mycents with everything that is going arround the forum. This is complicated and introducing bugs. For example, reputation mycents is not with IPB so adding this feature will make forum look buggy. I hope things will improve there soon.


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