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Search- Based Advertising And Ad Revenue


The searh-based advertising is the system that use google adwords and adsense and I know that there is a lot of you that don´t understand good all this.

When you make a search in Google for example they display some ads that are related with your keywords the words that you use to search. This ads are some of the Adwords program that consist in someone want to advertise his company or his products and contract Google to display the Ads, of course it has a price and Google makes billions of dollars only selling ads with the Adwords system. If you want to sell a product online there is no better way to advertise than Google, and if you dont appear in the first positions to your keywords the better way is paying for Google Adwords, and believe me it is a very good inversion.

And now we are gonna talk about the ad revenue(I think that Xisto have an ad revenue program but i never read in what consist). The ad revenue is the way that allow to the almost all the websites to exist and make to almost all the webmaster make a good amount of money displaying and in their websites.

How can I make money?

Go to Google Adsense: https://www.google.com/adsense/start/?gsessionid=3-GWxCTWt89HsBlQWCE0BQ

Open your account and of course you will have to wait until google team accept your account. Almost ever they last a week.

Once you are accepted you will can start to display the ads in your site and I recommend you to read the Joel Comm´s book about Google adsense. I´d want to post his ideas here but the moderators warn me. But use your commom sense that is all and adapt the colors the ads and position.

And you will need to make more than $100 to cashout. And I can tell you that is easy if you have a traffic amount bigger than 10k a day.

So if you have a question please post it here. ok


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