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Anyone Use Google Chrome?


I use chrome cause I like it. I think it is faster and well, I am sorta google biased


yep same here,i like google chrome as it hasn't much options


ya i like the fact that tabs just get integrated into title bar itself giving more space for the content


I have looked at it and even had a play with it, but i have been using firefox now for just about forever and it would take something special to get me to change. Chrome is just not that for me, Kudos to those who like it and use it, anything is better than M$ xplorer.


I had never used google chrome..i have been using firefox from the day i heard of it...i think i would change my browser only if firefox went bankrupt and they removed download....thats the only way to make me not to use firefox :(thanks...Eggie


Chrome didn´t impressed me. As it is in beta stage we shouldn´t expect much from it. But it doesn´t have any extensions. We cannot customize it as we do in Firefox. For now I´ll stick with my Firefox. If Chrome gets more options like Firefox then I´ll think about using Chrome.


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