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Looking For Free Downloadable Album Maker Software need your advice


i have lots of favorite pics and want to make an album-named my collection.so busy looking for a software which can help me make one,have google,but found nothing make me satisfied.so ask your suggestion here.any advice?plus:it had better be free,but the kind that costs little money is welcome too.thanks.


As soon as you will be hosted here, in the "Fantastico" section of your cpanel you will see 4image.It's an interactive photo album, I love it. If you have few pictures, you work the usual way : you click "upload" and the picture is added.If you have a lot of pictures, you simply ftp all of them in the concerned subfolder, and then you connect as admin and ask to include the new pictures in the album.If you are not hosted at Xisto, or if you want to do this the hard way, you will have to first create the database for your album, then download the software, upload it on your webserver, and start the installation program and tell the name of the database you just created.And, yes, it's free.Hope this helped.Yordan


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