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Friends Can't Start The Exe Files I Send :(


I am using visual c++ 2008. and when I send the .exe file that I created to my friend, (from the debug folder) he gets an error message when trying to execute it :(any ideas?when my friend tried, he said that he got the following error message:cannot execute.... And lots of PC info.When I create these files, I choose win32 console application (something that looks like the cmd when executed)please.. I really need to get this thing workingThanks //Feelay


you have to give us the full error if u want us to try to see what's the problem or give us the source code for us to try to debug it.xboxrulz


This kind of things happen very frequently, it works on my machine, but it doesn't work in the University or at my friends machine, this is really what gets on my nerves, this always happens if you're using Visual Studio, doesn't matter C++ or C# usually it is due to different machines, different libraries, utilities and settings..If you want to get over it, start using gcc and always include all the files you are using, sometimes a small image, which you're using can break all the program, even though on console applications I believe that you're probably not using any images, it was just an example, I never tried to figure this kind of things out, due to the product is from Microsoft, thats why it's best to have a laptop and to bring it with yourself and show the working program, it would be a pity if it would be your job though.


what is gcc ?


(and if I should include all the files, that I'm sending to my friends, where can I find them?)


@xboxrulez: Here is the sourcecode


// Hello World.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.//#include "stdafx.h"#include "iostream"using namespace std;int main(){ cout <<"Hello World :D \n"<<endl; char name[50]; cout <<"Please enter your name: "; cin >> name; cin.ignore(); cout<<"\n\nWelcome "<<name<<"! Thank you for helping me to try this \"program\" ^.^\n"<<endl; cout<<"Press Enter to continue"; cin.get(); return 0;}

It works on my pc, but not on others.

a friend that tryed it today said that he had no error. he said that nothing happened.




I changed from microsofts product, to dev-c++, and it worked just fine.. So I will be using this, untill somone in this world, knows why it is not working.

Can anyone tell me this. Am I able to create games in dev-c++ like I would in Microsoft Visual?

thank you


I hear it is possible to program games in C++ but you are not available to many functions. Dev-C++ is not for professional programmers. Dev-C++ is recommended for beginners.


I sometimes program using Visual Basic and the file often doesn't run at college. This is because you need to have the framework installed if you're trying to run the app, installing visual studio will install the framework, but you don't get that by default. By using windows update you can get the .NET frameworks, 3.5 is the one for VS 2008.. maybe that's the reason you get the error, it's obvious that is file missing or libraries, so maybe installing the framework will help.


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