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Wow that is really a good start, you should definitely get into the field to improve your abilities ten folds. Because I know from experience that you can have talent but you need to get into the field where you are surrounded by talented people of your same interest so that you can feed off to improve your skills at an exponential rate. I am a web developer/programmer/graphic artist. And I'll tell you that I feel that I have reached guru status that I been wanted to be proclaimed as. Ever since working for a company that has so much skills and talent, I was able to refine my skills in many different areas that I never knew was possible until they opened the door of other possibilties for me with their ability of optimizing code for performance, marking areas of details where I have not seen before and so forth. So i say you continue your work and your hobby of developing your games, but you should take your work to a professional enviroment where you can build on your skills, and maybe eventually I and many others will be playing the game that you took part in developing for.


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