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Democracy The better government?


I'll begin with what I hope is a useful point for the topic starter."I would think that a democratic government is a better government than the other ones (Like the one wherein there is only one ruler, and what he/she says goes)"Other forms of government to democracy include fascism, communism and socialism though these often become construed to some kind of dictatorship. Autocracy is often cited as the antithesis of democracy. However it is problematic to officially say what any form of government is (unless it is a democracy.) Another form of government outside of these two is a theocracy - a government based on religion - of which the most obvious example is an Islamic Republic such as Iran or Afghanistan.And now for my thoughts regarding democracy, I would also like to know what you think about the issue! Should voting in a democracy be compulsory? The ballot slip would therefore could a box to abstain but the point is that people would still have to turn up and vote for abstain. I think it would be problematic but with such low voter turnouts how can any society truly claim, in my opinion, to be a democracy.


Communism IS NOT A GOVERNMENTDemocracyReplying to dangerdanOk, just for future reference, Communism IS NOT a government system.Communism, by theory, is a SOCIETY (not government) where everyone works on the behalf of everyone else with the knowledge that everybody will do the same for them.China is a socialist country.USSR was socialist.Ants are communist. And from what we know so far, Communism is the most effective though the least individual. The reason why humans fail at Communism is because humans aren't perfect, and will always want power and individuality. If ants became intelligent, and we went to war with them, we would lose terribly.-reply by notacommie


While I happened to go through your post, I discovered that very little was mentioned about the Parliamentary form of government. In this type of government, the president is rarely has active participation in the functioning of the government. I live in India and here the President is mostly regarded as the nominal head. He has some special powers but as the name suggests those can be only used under special circumstances, the legislature or the Parliament as it is known in our country takes care of the accountability of the government.Moreover, I find people including myself often complaining about democracy but what do we have as an opyion and something which is better. There have been several forms of government but none could manage to survive as successfully as Democracy has done. What we should do on our part is make the existing form better by staying vigilant and know our rights and responsibilities well. Also performing all our duties would help serving the purpose.

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