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"Proud To Be Hosted By Xisto/Astahost" Banners I got bored...


Hi guys :-)

I got bored and ended up making a "Proud to be hosted by Xisto" and a "Proud to be hosted by Xisto" banner.
They're completely vector; I recreated the Xisto and Xisto logos using Inkscape. Admittedly, the text isn't too amazing...

I've got the source SVG if anyone wants to play around with it (and please feel free to):

Anyway, I hope you like them


Thanks for these.They look nice, but a little big to me....it would be nicer if they were standard banner sizes instead of whatever size they are.They are a little on the dark side too, but I guess that is ok....Also thanks for including the svg file so that we can edit the file as we like.


They look nice! Yeah, I have to agree with Brian. They should be standard sizes. Like 468x80, 88x21. I may have gotten those sizes wrong... double check me.[N]F


If you have any little ones please put and I'll add something to my site.Maybe something like "powered by"


I was kind of hoping that, seeing as I posted a .SVG, people could take it and make whatever sizes and things they wanted...But yeah, sure ;)I'll do them in "proper" sizes this weekend.


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