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If you were to create your very own game what kind of genre would it be?


If you were to create your very own game what kind of genre would it be?

I think of mixture of all genres , general scenario in RPG style, periodical campaign in strategic genre, but some part of it in first person shooter or simulator style, dependent of particular character.


It depends, because usually people who program alone and create games by themselves usually create turn based games, because it is much easier, but with time and experience they create much better games if they still continue and usually joins as a team or gets a job at some software company.Personally, I would created a turn based strategy game, because it is much easier, but learning more stuff that would change.. Like for the university with REXX I created a simple sudoku game, even though it took time to think logically how it would work, but I got the highest mark for it, so as strange as it may look, but my first "game" was a puzzle game, but it was just a text game, so I don't count it.


I'd have to say I'd definitly go along the horror route if I were to create a game. I imagine that is one of the hardest genre of game to make because it takes a lot of great planning to keep the gamer interested and totally into the story. That's the type of game as well that has to be very relatable. If the gamer doesn't feel like they've got some sort of connection or can't relate to the story or the characters, their emotions won't reach the same point of fear as they would if they felt a connection with the game. Character design would be a difficult aspect as well in games themed around horror. The main characters have to have a quality about them to which any person playing can relate to, and they've got to look like they belong in the environment that they're in. Speaking of environment, the textures and areas have to look appropriate as well. In my opinion, situations are scariest in movies, games, books, etc. when the event takes place in a very normal environment....one that you might visit on a regular basis, or one that you at least are slightly familiar with. (School, hospital, church, small town, etc) These types of environments tend to be very intimate and therefore are more prone to being eerie. I think games (of the horror genre) are much more effective when they affect the gamer more psychologically rather than visually. Visual aspects are extremely important, but it's people's thoughts and feelings, and their inevitable sense of paranoia that can scare them the most.


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