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Will There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ? Will there be a SWAT5?


i read this and i think im gona cry ......................

An overwhelming majority of you would like to see a 'SWAT 5', but will this happen and will it be the game you desire? We analyse the evidence.
The results of our latest poll are fairly conclusive. Asked where they would like to see the SWAT series head next, a whopping 71% of 10-David readers said a brand spanking new SWAT game: a 'SWAT 5'. The much-mooted patch for the Stetchkov Syndicate got less than 10% of your vote, indicating that SWAT4's problems are far more deep-rooted than a few annoying bugs.

So, will there be a SWAT5? To be honest, no-one knows for sure. Barring an unprecedented series of events, there will be no more official work on SWAT4, so naturally enough attention turns to a new game. Our sources indicate no work has started on any form of new SWAT game, but that doesn't mean there won't be one. VUG still holds the exclusive license to the 'SWAT' name in gaming and have registered SWAT5.com.

If and when the time is right VUG can commission and make a new SWAT game, but the only question then is what the game will be like. Will it be the true sequel to SWAT3 that so many of us desire? There is a fascinating debate on this subject in running in several threads on 10-David, but the main points are in (of all places) the Canadian Army is Hooked on SWAT4
story. Here's a snippet from Community Co-ordinator Grunt (speaking as an informed fan and not in any official representative capacity of VUG):

"I would like you to remember that SWAT3 is what it is because at the time it was hot and mainstream. For SWAT4 basically the same deal counts. Time changes, what was hot in 1998 is not in 2005/2006 and if there is ever going to be a SWAT5, keep in mind that things will change again, look at what is hot right now and think for yourself. Will there be another SWAT3 ever?" [MORE]

On that basis we are just as likely to get an addictive super-spec tactical simulator as a GST Mark II console flop - as desired by precisely 0% of you in our poll - it just depends on what the suits at VUG feel will make the most money at a given moment in the future. Empathy for a loyal group of fans does not come into it, unless one of you happens to be a rather rich Russian billionaire with some money to burn.

The fact that the same number of respondents said they would like to see a major update for SWAT3 as SWAT4 is one of the most interesting results of our poll. Although SWAT4 was better loved by the general gaming press and (initially) sold better, SWAT3's longevity, realism and spirit mean it continues to hold a place in the community's heart. In a post on our forums, DeAdMaN claims "I went online last night in Swat 4, [there was] a total of 40 Players on... I then went to SWAT 3 and there were 45 players."

It is almost certainly safe to say SWAT3 is too old for a new official expansion, but maybe what we, as a community, would like most of all is not a new SWAT5. Instead, the rather simple option of a time machine, so we can wind the clock back to the moment when work on the 2.2 patch for SWAT3 halted to switch focus to 'TOP' - the disaster that turned out to be Urban Justice - which began the spiral to where we are today.


swat 5Will There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ?

all the swat games on pc have been a massive success are you going to continue and develop a swat 5 without making it a console port, just a pure pc version would be brilliant and keeping in with tradition to the rest of the series

-reply by James


Will There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ?Will There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ?

I hope Yes. SWAT 5 will be great! SWAT4 don't have a good weapon fire. Hope swat5 will be better. But not like arcade games like farcry2 or callofduty4. I hope that will be like ARMA2 or flashpoint 2. More simulator, and nothing in the screen, very realistic

-reply by zakkandrachoff


Swat 5Will There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ?

I'm sure there will someday be a SWAT 5. We will just have to weight until another company picks it up. Anyway, if anyone wants to be doing some COOP my Xfire is "moktook" 

-reply by Horse man




hey guys I think there will not be a swat5 as we all know and love swat3-4. I think there may be another swat game but it will never be the same swat we all know. The game will be more  graphically enhanced and will be a COD4 type game I think some tactics will be lost due to so many Pro FPS fans wanting next generation games that are more shooter than tactical. Games these days are only getting more and more bloody and the thought of fanship does not make a diffrence to the game developers head they want to make as much money as possible so they will always give the crowd what they want at the time and this year 2009/2010, all fps gamers want is a game with big guns and nice graphics so thats what they will get. So guys I think we will never see a new swat game as we all know it that type of game is now gone (for now). I to play swat 4 online I hope to be  a VOW's member 1 day and I to really want to see another swat edition but I don't think I ever will.

-reply by ANDY(spec ops)


SWAT 5Will There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ?

DeAdMaN claims "I went online last night in Swat 4, [there was] a totalOf 40 Players on... I then went to SWAT 3 and there were 45 players."

What the hell? Tell him to go now (in 2010) and see how many people are there in SWAT 4. What the hell is he talking about? 40 players online? C'mon! I've been playing SWAT 4 for more than 5 years and I've never seen only 40 players online thousands and thousands of players (if you check all SWAT 4 versions - 1.0, 1.1, TSS).

 Now there is CoD series/MW's which are well known, but I do believe and I'm sure that a well done SWAT 5 would get an enormous welcome by SWAT community, because I really don't know many games like it. None of them are this tactical, speaking in a FPS perspective.

 There are many communities/clans who love SWAT series and I'm a leader of one. We now play SWAT 4 & CoD 4, but if SWAT 5 came out we would be a clan of only SWAT 5 and I know many clans would do that too.

 You just need to "call" some old SWAT (series) players, who know well the game, to know in what SWAT 5 could be better. We don't want these new games. What we really want is SWAT 5.

 We still do clan wars between clans, we still play together. Don't say only 40 players online! I've read many things about why SWAT 5 didn't came out, but whatever the reason was, EVERYONE will come out losing if it will never exist.

 I apologize for my english, I'm portuguese.

 If you want, visit us at: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ be always available to help.

-feedback by {SoE}Maverick


SWAT 5Will There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ?

hope SWAT 5 will have a little of ARMA 2, like see around without move your weapon. And more small guns like pistols and MAC10 and that ****

SWAT 4 have the best sound in shooting games 



Will There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ?Will There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ?

The swat 5 domain (swat.Com) expires November 2010... So I guess we will see what happens then. Either it might get registed again and we still have hope, or if someone buys it and uses it, then we know we're screwed for another game.

I hope we see another swat, with today's grapics and if sticks to been a true simulator, then it has the potential to be a huge game. It already has a solid reputation, and with the right marketing it will be an instant hit. But here's hoping. One thing is that I'm surprised no other developer has come in and tried to buy the rights to develope the game...  food for thought...

-reply by Philip


hoping for swat 5Will There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ?

 does anyone know how to post a comment on sierra's homepage? I' ll just try to let them know that a lot of people really need swat 5. I've been waiting for two years just after swat4 was released. I heard an announcement  last year that its gonna get released in november. But there was no sign of it till now. 

-reply by Lester Nash 


I agreeWill There Be A SWAT 5 For PC ?

SWAT 5 would be fantastic. They'll need to get with the times though of course, as in DX10 or DX11 but I'm more happy than for them to sacrifice that for gameplay like ARMA 2.

-reply by Dave C



You know there isnt another game quite like SWAT , the ingenious hostage rescue scenario is great maybe instead of shouting some of the commands you gave your t/m should be by radio but everything improves by experience and practise including this game 

The under the door camera the non lethal firing the quick and easy to learn control method


Yes I'm ready for SWAT 5  arn't you?

-reply by Jos AKA Oggmeista



I loved Swat3. Was my favourite game for years, liked the gameplay, tactics, very close to reality. Swat 4 was much more nonrealistic. If ever swat5 be made, let it be close to swat3 but with new physics, engine and graphics. Something like Starcraft 1 and 2 changes. Otherwise don't ruin my memories of this great game and let it rest in peace!

-reply by Force


Hi all. Swat 4 is the best tactic game on the world. But we need SWAT5 :)Runner


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