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Runescape My Reveiw well....

Dark Carnie

I think runescape is a great game but I do not like jagex for a few reasons.Runescape is not the best in the graphic area but I love the storylines of the quests,and many of the skills, they really need to find or create an anti hacking system because many people are hacked daily including myself. but like I said the storylines are great and many of the skills are great, I currently am a level 75 who used to be addicted, which may I add the game is very addicing, before being hacked I had a couple mil cash, 2 of every d wep and some nice armour (rune with d legs and d helm) my username is The_Wraith34 and if anyone would like to train with me or something then please feel free to PM me im on often and am easy going I will do whatever but I will NOT break any rules offered by Jagex and if you try to get me to you will be reported I am a good player and will NOT put up with it, I did not used to be a good player but now I am.~Dark Carnie~


I think runescape is a great game but I do not like jagex for a few reasons...

ROLF! Your kidding me right? Anouther runescape post? Look down the forums Im shure that there are about 5 or 6 topics about why the people hate Jagex. Jagex doesn't even exist. Its just a group of about 20 people that think they can keep you safe. Did you know the whole game there are probably only 40 moderators? And maby 100 player mods. There are more (servers) than there are Mods. They can't possible read all the apply. to ban or the report or even the questions. If you don't want to be ignored you need to be a member. Since they have started reporting players has been a members only thing. Also Runescape will NEVER have a way to stop hacking it. Me and my freind could hack the whole game (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) in 20 minutes. We both could get 400 mill, became level 89 (so it doesn't look suspicious) and have no reason to keep playing. Now I did NOT do that so please don't ban me from Xisto for saying that, I love Xisto. But I know people can hack Runescape easy. Thanks for reading and hopefully you next time you make a thread you read the 100 other posts about the same topic.


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