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Whats Your Favourite Fighting Game? A Reply... A reply to a deleted thread ;(


Mine is called ANTI SPAM!! fighting spammers on forums..It goes like this..you refresh your forum to find endless crappy posts about nothing but one sentance like " OMG I love driving games!!" then you sit back and make a cup of Tea then trace the rest of this "users" posts and rate in your mind how stupid the person is making the crap posts.Heres where a bit of handywork comes in...you need some sticky Star labels to stick on your monitor!! and write things like "loser" or "timewaster" on them or my favourite "NOT A CHANCE IN HELL IN GETTING HOSTED!!" Then you go to each thread and post something really witty (just to gain shamless credits!!) then sit back and wait for the "user" to PM you to beg for credits!!.Thats when I have a REALLY good laugh at myself!! cos I am gaining credits and the "user" is probably getting suspended or banned from the forum for Spamming!!Would you like to join in my game?Just become a member here and wait for the Spammers to hit the forum :POh and YES I am taking the P*** Marky;)


That sounds amusing, Mark420, but there may be a problem to this game. If I recall correctly, spam threads could potentially be deleted. This would result in all your "witty" posts and its accompanying credits being deleted. All that hard work, along with the spammers' posts, will go down the drain. On the other hand, if you had fun doing it, then it wasn't a complete waste.Now that you bring up the topic about spammers, I am curious about how the fight against e-mail spammers is progressing--or not (I'll start a new thread for this topic).


Mark has my support on this topic...which means absolutely nothing except I wont delete it haha... just because I saw (and deleted) the posst(s) that spawned this and his reaction is about accurate hehe.


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