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Warrock NEW and FREE


That's right its FREE! I couldn't believe it when the super admin asked me to "closed beta" test it. But now its open! I would like to invite you all to play a great 1st person shooter, it includes tanks, aircraft and now P.T.! Choose from a growing selection of weapons that take little time to earn (do to this new system as pay buy the day with in-game credit). Just go to: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ free but only a beta so you know it will get way better. RATED: Teen for blood and violence (even if there is no blood).Note: You have to register before you can download. If you like it you should email you friends so it gets bigger.


I've heard about this one and it looks like a rip off of battlefield 2. Because i own battlefield 2 i'm sticking with that although some of my friends play warrock and they say it isn't too bad for a free game, but it is still in beta and i'm not sure if it will stay free after the open beta test.My opinion is if you have battlefield 2 or planning to buy 2142, stick with it. If you don't have either go download warrock because you've got nothing to lose (only bandwith ).-HellFire


Well it will "always" be free. Not 100% but I expect all the stuff out now to be free. You will probably have to subscribe to get betters weapons and go to more levels and probably even get into better vehicles.


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