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Warpath very nice game


i invite all to come play this game, new generation of 1ª person shotter.krazybond@hotmail.com


Do you meen warrock? You don't need confermation code anymore. We (meaning the origional closed beta testers) Have opened it for everyone quite a while ago actually (maby 3 or 4 months ago)


Actually there is a game called warpath.


There's a link to a review. It didn't score very high but I do agree that the graphics look good. It reminds me of prey. Probably has all the graphics etc in it but lacks content. That's how most games are going now days. The developers focus on graphics and miss the single player portion. That doesn't mean it doesn't lack in multi. Actually the review states that it can be fun.

Perhaps if it gets popular and if it doesn't lag too bad then I guess it wouldn't be a bad find (for multi). However, in my experience if I'm looking for graphics in a game, I want the single player experience. I can do without all the bells and whistles if I'm looking to multi a bit. All in all, if I had the chance I would prob play it, but I don't think it would be one of those games I would go back to.


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