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Earning Cash Online Through Reselling


I've done some research into free hosting reselling services. They seem pretty simple but I want to hear from someone that has been using one for a while and what they think, how much they have earnt etc.

I've heard some people have been able to make a fair bit from them, I guess it's just all based on how well you can advertise etc.

If you don't know what I'm on about the basic principle is you sign up at a free reseller site (I think http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ is the best one) and then they provide you with a free site where people can purchase hosting space etc, all you do is modify the prices and packages and stuff and you receive all the profit you make. It's up to you to advertise your site though. Might be good if you have a lot of friends.

The one i'm using, that looked the best is: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


I have never heard of this before, but seems like a good idea. Just to make sure I understood everything, there is absolutely no way to lose something, right? All you can do is earn money? If that's how it works, I'm in

As for this service, the first thing put me off is their URL. Having a CO.NR URL is bad However, later I've noticed that their real URL is https://www.resellerspanel.com/. Anyhow, after bwrowsing the web site a little bit, I haven't discovered a lot, but I suppose you should invest something, at least for a domain name. And there was another thing that caught my eye.

We will pay you the difference between our wholesale prices and your custom ones.

So, you set your prices, that are higher then theirs, in order to ear something. However, why would anyone by hosting at you web site if they can find something cheaper? Tricky, I say


It's too tricky. I think that you can just cheat or trick people who have absolutely no clue what they are paying for.


But if you can provide better support and services then you may well be more then entitled to have the fee hiked up a bit.I'll tell you right now though, being sucessfull in a reselling business is not easy, not if you plan on pushing it far as you can. Iv'e done a little bit of reading on the subject and know a few people that have tried to do it several times but ended up flopping.Not saying it can't be done (obviously it can) but I doubt you'll get anything out of it or it even be worth the effort unless you really want it.


Hey I think that's a cool plan. It seems like a very flashy service that earns you money for "free" but actually, there are schemes behind it.. very slippery they are. You just have to look at all their procedures and processes... doing math will definitely help a LOT. Business math is usually used in this... but hmm I don't know much about investing in online things. There are lots of unknown figures and factors out there... like hidden fees and charges, you know?Very risky...


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