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Getting A New PC Ready To Work With Windows Getting started with Windows OS


This tutorial will help you getting started with using your new PC, which came with a Windows Operating System.


After you succesfully install Windows (that's much of an achievement itself!), do not think that you are ready to use your PC. Actually, you're far away from 'ready' to use anything more complex than Notepad!!!


---- Section 1 : Things to install, depending on how you use your PC ----


Office Applications: Microsoft Windows DOES NOT ship with Microsoft Office. You have to purchace it separately. If you have done so, then be sure to install Microsoft Office so that you can start working on it!

If you have not ourchased Microsoft Office, you can get office applications for free at openoffice.org - It is an open-source Office Suite, that is built on the Java Platform that has a GUI similar to that of Microsoft Office.


Gaming Needs: Everybody knows that most latest games require DirectX, so you should consider dowloading the latest version from Microsoft's website at https://www.microsoft.com/de-de.


Music & Songs: I agree that Windows Media Player is a pretty good media player with a Media Library, CD ripping features etc. But if you're bugged by its crash records, then I suggest that you download Winamp from http://www.winamp.com/. Another need is Real Player, which plays files in the RealMedia format, and is the only player that does so. You can download the player for free at C|Net's Download.com. This would give you an universal music playback compaitibility on your new PC!


Internet Browsing: The first thing that comes to any Windows User's mind when browsing the Internet is Internet Explorer. But with Windows XP Service Pack 2, a browsing experience with Internet Explorer 6 can be quite nagging. I recommend using Mozilla Firefox, which gives you a tabbed interface and loads of extensions. It is free and can be downloaded at https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ (formerly mozilla.org).


---- Section 2 : Security & Privacy ----

Personal Firewall: The integrated Windows firewall in Windows XP is considered good by some people. But let me tell you that you'd need a better firewall if you're going to surf the internet real good. I recommend Zone Labs' ZoneAlarm with its Triple Dense Firewall, which is free and can be downloaded at http://www.zonealarm.com/. You may also try ZoneAlarm Pro at the same site and consider buying it.


Adware/Spyware: The Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta though good, is under Beta develpment phase. Even Microsodt Windows Defender would do its job quite well. As for Adware, I thoroughly recommend Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal, which is free and can be downloaded at http://www.lavasoft.com/. As mentioned earlier, ZoneAlarm Pro includes an Anti-Spyware sub-system that works in combination with the firewall to give good results.


Anti-virus Software: ESSENTIAL! Nobody can think of using their computer without an anti-virus software when using Windows OS! For a good start, you may have purchased Norton Antivirus or McAfee Antivirus. If you need a free anti-virus software, I would recommend avast! Antivirus, which is free and comes with many advanced features. A free version is available at https://www.avast.com/de-de/index, or you may purchase the Professional Edition on the same site.


---- Section 3 : Miscellaneous Software ----

Compression/Archiving: In your computing experience, you would often come across a compressed Archive, which you will have to decompress in order to use it. In such circumstances, you should keep Winzip handy. It can be downloaded at http://www.winzip.de/. An alternative is WinRAR which has a novice interface, and can be downloaded for free at http://winrarindia.in/.



I hope that this guide will actually guide you in setting up an optimal working/playing environment for your PC with the Microsoft Windows OS...


Disclaimer: I have used some links which point to the main page of the websites of respective organisations. If such (in)direct linking is prohibitted by Xisto TOS, I sincerely apologize. All products to be downloaded/tried by users at their own risk. Though there are least chances, I will not be responsible for any damage caused by using the products recommended by me. Since this post was posted on 29 May, 2006, some referrences may be invalid after considerable time, in which case the readers are expected to consider those links as broken.


I hope that the disclaimer has not discouraged you from following my recommendations! But I'm sure that such a combination would prove to be a good starting point for any New PC user with Windows OS.


-Omkar Ekbote


Great guide. I would like to add something regarding the OS itself.Be sure your product key is near you! Also make sure nobody else gets a hold of it!When Installing Windows be sure to find out whether or not your motherboard recognizes SATA harddrives. If not check whether or not your HD is SATA.If Windows recognizes it then your ok. If not hopefully you got a disk to install. When installing Windows XP the very start will ask you to press F6 to install SATA drivers. Do so if you need to!Also I would like to add that OpenOffice is a great FREE Office software. It includes the same types of programs Microsoft Office does. Plus it can save in Microsoft formats :(I use it every day and would never go out and spend $100 on another Microsoft Office product!


Btw you can link directly to the DirectX section of Mircosoft, just do a google search on DirectX and that will give you a more direct link.


Btw you can link directly to the DirectX section of Mircosoft, just do a google search on DirectX and that will give you a more direct link.


Sorry, Chesso!

But according to Xisto TOC, we are NOT permitted to post direct links outside this domain! I request you to search for DirectX on the Microsoft's site by yourself!


And its very easy too!


What do you mean? technically the DirectX portion of Microsoft is of it's own entity. It's basically microsoft.com/DirectX.It's just like my old hosting where I had 3 different websites based off chessoscorner.com, e.g. chessoscorner.com/ThisSite or chessoscorner.com/ThisForum.That's an odd thing to be ruling out, I could understand direct links to files but to that....



---- Section 1 : Things to install, depending on how you use your PC ----


Office Applications:

Gaming Needs:

Music & Songs:

Internet Browsing:


---- Section 2 : Security & Privacy ----


I edited the original post to illustrate this point. In my opinion the very first step with any Windows operating system is to go to Microsoft's update site and download patches for bugs and especially security flaws. Follow that with firewall and anti-virus.


My reasoning is this: while one is online downloading gaming, music, and browsing software, the computer is exposed and vulnerable to attack.


Just my opinion. Hope this helps. Good how-to otherwise.


Nice guide. This is good for people that don't have much experience with installing and "customizing" computers, with winxp os.


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