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Help: Installing Device Drivers On Ubuntu Help installing ADSL driver on Ubuntu

Binod Singh

I am new to Linux. I have just installed Ubuntu 5.10 on Pentium Xeon XSeries 226 server. I want to install driver for my existing Zyxel 630-11 ADSL modem to connect to the internet. I have also downloaded the driver from sourceforge in .tgz format.I don't know how to install this driver. If anyone know... please help me.


Just try to double-click on the tgz file, you will see if ubuntu installed all the necessary things in order to uncompress this tgz file.If not, I would suggest first, to put this file on a Microsoft Windows machine which has winrar installed, and then use winrar to uncompress the tgz file. Then, when uncompressed, you will probably see there a readme file explaining what to do exactly.RegardsYordanBy the way, how is your PC connected to that modem ? Through an Ethernet cable, or through an USB cable ?


Usually, there is an installation program included INSIDE the tarball (.tar or tgz)xboxrulz


there is an installation program included INSIDE the tarball (.tar or tgz)

Namely binod12 wanted to know how to read a tgz file... So knowing that the answer is inside the file looks far more frustrating...

@binod12 : your tgz file should be uncompressed by the following command :

tar xzvf my_filename.tgz


or if you have KDE, open it with Arkxboxrulz


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