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Turns Out I'm Adhd-positive heres what I learned about ADHD

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A psychiatrist recommended me to test for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and my mom decided, "Okay, why not?" I've already been to the optometrist, the doctor, taken a physical examination, got a shot, the dentist, etc. Might as well use the break to run some errands. Anyway, the psychologist diagnosed me with ADHD and sent me back to the psychiatrist for her to prescribe me medication. I'm going to take Concerta tomorrow morning.ADHD has two sub-symptoms. Symptoms are usually shown during first, second and third grade. The first is inattentiveness (also known as attention-deficit-disorder: ADD) and the second is hyperactive (Attention-Deficit-Hyperactive-Disorder: ADHD). I have sub-ADHD, I scored very well on the TOVA test. ADHD is mostly due to genetics. However, studies are showing it can be due to eating habits or excessive Internet/television/video game use. The mind of an ADHD-diagnosed person is one minute the kid can control his actions and the next, the dude's mind flashes off and he/she begins to run around doing things without self-control.The treatment for ADHD is both the same, both can be treated with Ritalin or Concerta (what I'm going to take). Ritalin has to be taken twice a day since the effects pike up really high and goes down. However, Concerta is consistent and lasts for eight hours throughout the day. The side effects of Concerta are drowsiness and dizziness. I don't know about Ritalin.Anyway, that's pretty much all I can recall about ADHD.


Hey SSH,

Sorry to hear that dude ... but just wondering why you took the test. I mean, did you really have the symptoms for ADHD like you said:

The mind of an ADHD-diagnosed person is one minute the kid can control his actions and the next, the dude's mind flashes off and he/she begins to run around doing things without self-control.

or did you just go out and get tested just because you had some time on your hands?
I'm not suggesting anything, but if it's a serious thing, maybe you'd like to get a second opinion? I mean, why take those drugs if you never experienced anything like ADHD before in your life? I'm not saying anything against the doctors who diagnosed you with it, but it's your body man, you don't want to chance it right?

Shooting Star Haven

Actually, I have experienced the symptoms. ADHD has gotten me in a lot of trouble at school in the past. And the drugs I'm taking (Concerta) isn't meant to harm you. If you have ADHD, it's meant to help you. My mom was quite concerned about me taking this. But the psychiatrist calmed her down and explained everything to her. I've recently taken my pill and I've never felt better. I can finally think correctly, control my movements, and access my brain to my full potential. However, for some, it can be a down-side.I've heard some horror stories of people hallucinating as a result of Ritalin. And Concerta has a one percent chance of affecting your mood. Some kids cry and stuff after this. But still, if worse comes to worse, the side effects still isn't as bad as those using illegal drugs. I've learned in health class that some people die the first time they use it. And in another that induces hallucination, some people experience the worst time in their life all over again. Surprisingly, illegal drugs aren't "illegal" in different countries. I've heard that if you go to a coffee house pub in Germany, they serve them.Anyway, some doctors overprescribe Ritalin/Concerta. A normal amount of hyperactivity is healthy for some children. But if it reoccurs and you really can't contain your movements, then that's when you need to be tested. Psychologists know what they're doing. It isn't like for every one kid that really needs Ritalin, they assign 10,000 other kid that don't.If you think you have ADHD, my advice is to get tested. It gives you another chance, and an opportunity to change.


Alright, I'm glad to know it helped you out . I'm the kind of guy who prefers not to take medicines for as long as possible. I mean, I don't mind a paracetamol, crocin or the likes for fever, but antibiotics just make me feel jittery. Also, new and experimental drugs give me the creeps. But I'm glad it's working out for you. Hope it helps you do your best .


So, are you feeling much better now ? I don't want to offense you, but why didn't you go and check yourself earlier ?How was/is school after taking those medicaments ?

Shooting Star Haven

I'm ashamed to say, but I used to do really stupid things in school. I once sprayed someone with deodorant in the locker room, called a teacher a sucker for not giving me a referral, and various other half-minded things. And sadly, I've got in trouble for every one of them. I mean, every time they'd just call my parents and send me home. They even singled me out from the five hundred other students who get referrals and sent me home and gave me a detention, additionally. First of all, my parents have jobs. If they can't make money, our family won't be able to afford to live in such an economy we have. My parents can't just take off work two or three times a month. Their bosses have limits, if my parents have to continually take off from work, they'll get layed off or fired. All due to some very little things like urinating on the toilet seat. What I really don't like about the education system in America is that if you do some really little thing, the principal adds on to it to make it seem more serious. In fact, when I sprayed someone with deodorant, the counselor told my mom that I urinated on someone! And when my mom couldn't pick me up since her boss didn't let her, the counselor told me to "yell at my mom for not doing so." What kind of heartless people would treat a child worse than an animal? Making half-hearted demands to turn against the most important people to me in my life, just because they can? Let me tell you something, I've missed a lot of assignments that mattered to me. And all because of their unrealistic, ideal expectations that kids should act more maturely than adults. And my mom, in essence, told me to kiss their *bottom* so they wouldn't vent out their anger towards me. In fact, the psychiatrist told my mom that she has to support her child. She has to be my advocate and teach me that what they're doing is wrong. And that I have every right to be upset with them.

Let me tell you something I tell many people:

If you treat someone as an outcast and five years later, you change into a completely different person, that guy will always see you as the jerk you once were.

I had ADHD. It was a medical condition. This is why I am disgusted by all teachers and their "zero-tolerance." If I see a teacher acting like this and I didn't know better, I'd think, "So this is how all teachers treat their students." Have a thought about that.


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