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Image Shack Image Hosting - http://www.imageshack.us


I just felt like mentioning ImageShack, seeing as they're so good!
For those of you who haven't seen a service like this before, ImageShack let you upload pictures from your computer and host them for you, for an unlimited amount of time, for any reason (except for pornography). Even though Xisto provide excellent hosting, it can be a bit tiresome, logging in to cPanel and finding (or creating) a folder to host a couple of images. This is why Image Shack is so useful - it's quick and effecient.

Although thier homepage is a bit cluttered with all the adverts, they provide an excellent service, for free. After uploading your images, there are several options for linking to, or displaying, images. There is everything, from pre-prepared BBcode thumbnails for forums, to a gallery, so you can show people serveral images at a time.

If your image isn't accessed for a year, it is automatically deleted. However, if someone accesses it (even on day 364) the counter is reset, and your image will spend another year on thier server.

For something that's completely free, I think the guys at Imageshack do an excellent job!


It is good, but I prefer photobucket. When I first needed something like that I look at both of them, and I found photobucket a bit more easier. As for imageshack.us, I have just tried to open it and it displayed an Internal Server Error Shame on them...


yeah i know about them, and there is some server that pays you to host images, something like imagecash.com ! what hit my mind is:1.why will someone set a server just to host your images?-do you think this is some tricks to use your pictures for futur, for any reasons, like if you uploading your own photo there, they could use your photo and identify themselves as you in some places, or something like that?2.and why will someone pay you to host images. i guess the ads generating money for them or something?Yudz


well... i use imagesgack too because they are simply great ! you can upload unlimited number of photos and you get links for all sorts of thumbnails and such... and it's free !i have to admit that the page is cluttered with ads and it makes the navigation a little difficult !and... i don't think they use your photos... they have to know the name and such to identify theirselves with your name... but... it is an ideea !


I like ImageShack. In my opinion they dont have many ads. It costs a ton to do what they do. They need the money from the ads to keep on running it but I dont know. Some things about it are just annoying. I dont like big projects unless I'm at the head of them :)I've been using IMGshare.us lately. Loads quicker. Less ad's. Designed by someone I know and still small enough to be good in my book. The only give the URL of the image but for me that's fine.


yes imageshack is easier then most of the image hosts out thier and well thier quick load plugin makes it even easier (hosting images by right clicking on them) its amazing there is such a good service for imagehosting, soon enough ill be launching my image hosting service and ill definetly surpas them

Shooting Star Haven

I've used ImageShack a while ago for my image hosting needs. But now I don't use it anymore. I mean, yes it is very reliable. Probably one of the best image hosts I've ever come across. But I've come to not trust any image host anymore. You see, no one hosts your images out of the goodness of their heart. They want something out of it. And by far, I've probably hosted a few hundred images on it. I wonder how many everyone else has. The advertisements on ImageShack don't seem enough to suffice all of that. So there's no telling when they're going to just pack up and leave. I wouldn't put it past them if they did now. They're probably going to, once they start losing profits.My advice to you is this: look before crossing. For example, ImageCash. Or free iPods. They're all the same to me.


It is good, but I prefer photobucket. When I first needed something like that I look at both of them, and I found photobucket a bit more easier. As for imageshack.us, I have just tried to open it and it displayed an Internal Server Error


Shame on them...


I agree totally, photobucket is far better because as it allows sign ups it will save the images you've uploaded before.


Imageshack.us IS great. If I don't feel like logging into photobucket or other server, I can simply upload an image on imageshack without an account. It's very convenient in my opinion. Thumbs up.


I agree totally, photobucket is far better because as it allows sign ups it will save the images you've uploaded before.


Actually, imageshack.us also allows you to save photos if you've registered. The major downside to this is the login procedure.


To login and view the images you've uploaded previously, you need to click the registration link that came in the email they sent you when you first registered. No username. No password. Which means you need access to the URL or your mailbox in order to login. A little annoying, but if like me you use it mostly to post funny images or screenshots, you can use a URL redirection service like tinyurl.com or snurl.com to point to the registration URL.


I caution you that is an insecure way, beause all a person needs to do is to enter the corret URL (which can be guessed or come across accidentally) and he can access your account.


I would say DeviantArt is better. And it's not just for uploading photos, it's much more.


Perhaps. But if you just want to quickly upload using a no-frills interface, then imageshack is the site to go to. DeviantArt is more of a showcase of artists' skills. It gives skinners (is that a word??) a chance to display their creative side and gies them a virtual gallery of sorts to show their stuff to the world.


I still prefer photobucket over imageshack


I agree with you about ImageShack's login procedure. Not only is it potentially unsecure, with it being relatively easy to guess someone's account URL, I also find it rather inconvenient having to locate the email from ImageShack every time I want to login. I think a username an dpassword would be much better than the URL in an email.


i used imageshack myself too, when i ran out of FTP space.imageshack is very user-friendly if you ask me.. they got this program wich can be intergraded into windows. so you can upload and manage your images verry easy :Dthe only problem is the ads. sometimes when you click on your picture to enlarge it, you open an advertisement. that kinda sox..anyway, imageshack = a image host


Yeah, I've done that sometimes.The way we're cricising ImageShack's bad features and everything, you'd think we hated it! :-) But, apart from the dodgy sign in process, and accidently <- snipped -> ImageShack is absolutely bloody brilliant.}

von esper

What I have done while using ImageShack is when I am in my images, I just bookmark that page into my favorites folder so all I have to do is click on start, internet, favorites and the link for ImageShack.

That take's me right to my images without having to go into the email and clicking on the activation link.

von esper

I forgot to say I only access ImageShack from this computer


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