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http://www.atpworldtour.com/ This is the official site of the atp, the asosacion de tennis professionel. Here you will find,under a modern look, the ATP calendar and news, the singles and doubles complete rankings, a beautifull photo gallery, small clips and informations about each player ! If you want to find out something about an atp player or an atp event this is the place to be !http://www.tennisserver.com/ This is a tennis site where you will find articles about the players, some tennis tips and articles about tennis technology ! The site has 5 categories of articles : 1. Between the lines. This is where you will find articles written by Ray Bowers. a tennis specialist that provides us, each month with an article about the things that happened in the tennis world (mostly about players and tournaments) 2.Tennis Set. Here you will find technology-related articles about the balls, the strings,the raquets and so on... 3.Turbo Tennis and 4. Mortal Tennis give you some tennis tips, the first about the tennis shots, and the second about the strategy of the game and the mental aspects of it ! 5. Tennis Anyone. This is where you will find articles about the social aspect of tennis ! In general, i think you do not have more that 4-5 articles per month, but i have to say that they are very well done, with images that explain, and written so that anyone can understand The categories don't say much about what kind of articles you will find there !here, you will be able to check out some tennis-related e-shops, check out some tennis games, be able to buy some e-books, but nothing VERY interesting for the general purpouse ! As a an overall note, i can say that you can survive without visiting this site, but you can find some interesting stuff here !http://www.wtatennis.com/ This is the official site of the wta, the women tennis asosiacion. Here you will find,under a modern look, the WTA calendar and news, the singles and doubles complete rankings, a beautifull photo gallery small clips and informations about each player ! If you want to find out something about an wta player or an wta event this is the place to be !https://www.usta.com/ This is the site of the U.S. Tennis Association, but the info you will fin on this page goes beyond that ! You will find here, under a modern look, everything about the usta organization news over the professional tennis, the davis cup, the fed cup, and of course, info about the US OPEN. They do have a section of Tennis Lyfestyle, but you will find nothing that will keep your attention ! A good site for you if you live in the U.S. if not... not that great at all !http://www.itftennis.com/ Here you will find all about the itf competitions, you will find news about all-round tennis, the itf rankings, and the juniors itf rankings ! Also here you will find about weelchair tennis and about the olympic and paralympic tennis events !http://www.tenniseurope.org/ This is the official site of europeean tennis asociation ! Here you will find mostly information about the eta junior and senior calendar , rankings, events, press relases ! An interesting article here about nutrition, and another one about planning eta tournaments! If you are a europeean junior, here you will find evrything that you need in order to planify your international apperances !http://www.tennis4you.com/ This is a site where you will find lots of articles about : forehand, backhand, volleys serves, overheads, lobs, aproach shots, passing shots, physical, mental and strategy ! Various detailed articles form 15 tennis instructors !Hope that this will be usefull for you... and please share your favorite tennis-related sites !


i forgot to write about one of the sites i use every day... and it is about tennis (men's only)

it's tennis.matchstat.com !

the design is simple and very efficient :
on the main page you have, on the right site all the matches that are going to be play today, and the odds for each player, odds at Pinnacle !
On the right side you have a list with all the torunaments that are underway on the respective week, and links to the main draws for all of them (the also have the Challangers) and links to the official sites ! Also.. an interesting feature is that they give you another list, where you can see all the HEAD TO HEAD standings, and the last match winner and score !
The part of the site that makes tennis.matchstat the best site (alongside with http://www.atpworldtour.com/) is the PLAYER STATS part !
They have all the stats for all the players in all of the tournaments played in the last year ! And it is very usefull (for a man that likes to bet on sports like myself) that you can find the scores for all the matches a man played in the last year, including the Challangers...

I will think about weather i should say that tennis.matchstat the best tennis site or not... What do you think ?


GLobal Tennis Network

Tennis Sites


My favorite tennis site it https://www.globaltennisnetwork.com/.


At Global Tennis Network, you can start or find your own tennis leagues or tournaments, find a tennis partner, sell your old tennis gear and more. All for free.


-reply by Trevor


Please consider adding http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ to your expert tennis instruction linksThank you-reply by brad langevad


Thank you very much for information !My father loves tennis verymuch ! I think it is a very good choice for him !Thanks !


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Still no one can beat RAFAEL NADAL for being the NO.1 tennis player in the world. He topples down ANDY MURRAY in the recent game. Nadal has won 213 of his 229 competitive matches on the surface and heads into this week's Madrid Open as the defending champion. Actually I watched the game through texting WEEKEND to 21534 for the access of a certain website that enables me to watch this game. (just sharing...) Try watching the game and make a comment here how NADAL made to win against MURRAY..

-reply by alex smith


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