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Linux Problem X-window doesnt work


I tried to install Linux Enterprise on my system a while ago, I maked a dual-boot system together with Windows XP and installed it. When I tried to start Linux it all worked until I logged in and tried to start the X-window. Does someone know what's the problem is it my graphical card maybe? I've got a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro card.-jeroen-


Which Linux dude ? I haven't heard of any distro named simply Linux Enterprise!!BTW - did you configure your video card properly? As far as I know if X cannot detect your card properly, it'll fall back to a basic VESA compatible mode...


Sorry for that, I didn't put it in the post, it's Linux Redhat Enterprise


Try doing what m^e said - reconfigure your video driver... try using xorgconfig if you isn't familiar with xorg.conf file...(I never used new RedHats - is it running on XOrg or standard XFree? Correct me someone ) also try installing drivers for your card from ATI page... Hope you would get your X's running soon...


Without an error message best we can do is guess.

How old is the distro, what version of redhat enterprise ?
Sometimes, i fine old redhat installers detect an ATI card, and setup the X server to use the generic r128 driver (which in older versions may not work with newer ATI cards)

Either install the graphics drivers from ATI, or re-configure the x server to use the slower, (but failsafe) vesa driver.

in /etc/X11/XFree86.conf or /etc/X11/xorg.conf
look fir the line

Driver "r128"

and replace with
Driver "vesa"

and restart X..

But like i said, this is a complete guess, and will remain this way untill you post the error message...

or maybe the last 100 lines of the X server log in /var/log/


Well in /var/log/xorg.0.log you need to search for EE or errorI would recomend to you that you get hold of Latest KNOPPIX CD. It will boot and detect a suitable setting for your x. You can then copy the xorg.conf to your /etc/X11 folder. But It may not give you the best 3D setup. It takes time to setup latest graphics card with full 3d support especially from ATI.hope it helps..ask me if some thing is not clear.PS: in knoppix ..xorg.conf file comes in /tmp as it is made every time.


downloading 700 meg live cd is hardly an effective soluton to fix a possable xorg config file porblem.


Maybe you should try installing another Linux distribution. I have always suggest SuSE Linux, you should use it too. Installing it and making it run was very very easy!xboxrulz


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