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Create Password For All Accounts


How to create password and logon requirements for all accounts.1- click on > Start > Run > and type Syskey and then click OK.2- In Securing the Windows XP Account Database click on Update.3- In Password Startup enter your password, OR4- To create a login Disk ( You will login only by Disk), Click System Generated Password > Store startup key on Floppy Disk.5- To save your login requires an HDD, Click System Generated Password > Store startup key locally.6- Click OKNOTE: IF YOU ENTER PASSWORD INCORRECT TREETIMES, SYSTEM WILL REBOOT.


Great tip. What does this do exactly though? I have an idea, but not 100% sure.Is this like a BIOS password, but for Windows instead? So if I have a regular password for my account already, it will ask for this password (syskey) and my own account password?


What happens if i lose my disc, or it gets corrupt.Will I Lose my acounts? or is there a backup way to restore my full acount(s)


Wow.Thanks a lot, i was wondering how you do that


Should've learnt that earlier lol... I was making like 5 more accounts and I wanted all the passwords to be the same... Now that I've done it I think I'll use your method in a few months, wh en I change all the passwords again. Thanks for the new method.Oh yea, can you provide an explanation on what syskey is?


dell inspiron 1525 biosbackdoor passwordCreate Password For All AccountsPlease help ! I have dell inspiron 1525 that is on power on password. And don't know how to remove the password.-reply by admol


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