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Hey everyone.

I thought it'd be a good idea to put together a list of some links and online resources for digital artists, as there seems to be a number of us here. If any of you come from a fairly artistically traditional background as I do, it can be tough when trying to figure out how to take full advantage of the internet as a means to get exposure for your own work or just to learn. Believe me, there are tons of avenues out there for each; Some good and some bad. Please feel free to add your own two cents if I miss something.

I'll start of with my favorites. Again, feel free to add your own.

CGChannel is a great site with a huge wealth of articles, artists interviews and even galleries where you can show your own work. They host everything themselves. It's just a matter of selecting your work, sizing it appropriately, and managing your own online gallery. It's sort of like deviant art and GFXartist, but a little more classy.

CGNetworks is another good one. At first glance, it may look a bit like CGChannel but it's more centered around it's forum and direct interactivity between artists. It's standard for quality is a bit higher when it comes to the work that's displayed. The tallent displayed there is truly humbling. It has some great articles as well, including news and behind-the-scenes glances into how digiatal art is applied in various industries.

sijun is an oldy but a goody. Seriously, it's been around longer than I was even aware that people used computers for art. It's pretty casual too. There's a healthy mix between pros and novices.

conceptart.org is definitely worth checking out everyday. (thanks for reminding me overture) I can't believe I forgot this one considering that I've been posting there since the first day it went online. I go by the handle, "Exo" over there. The level of talent and discipline shown here is not only applicable to digital mediums, but traditional as well. These guys make your video games. They make your movies. They all-out rock. Did I mention that they were talented?

GFXArtist is pretty decent as well. They offer gallery space but you have to host everything yourself with all the proper size constraints. I used to maintain a gallery there in it was a bit of a hassle mostly because I'm too lazy to make sure all my hotlinks worked. Again though, you can interact with amazing artists and they can give you feedback for your work.

More to come later.

http://www.deviantart.com/ Submitted by harriko

https://www.blender.org/ Submitted by szupie

good-tutorials.com Submitted by MajesticTreeFrog




http://www.3dtotal.com/ Submitted by Vyoma


ndhill-Thanks for the impressive resources. ConceptArt.org and CGNetworks are truly amazing and valuable sites. I work mostly with traditional media for my art, though I am a software trainer by day. Storyboarding and concept work have a special place in my heart and it is wonderful to be introduced to such high-quality resources to indulge myself with. cheers- ecm


Anyone know where I can find good custom photoshop filters and plugins for free? Where do people exchange filters and plugins? ...and also anyone know how to change perspective based on graident mapping?


You can add the following to the list:
http://www.3dtotal.com/ - Nice site with lots of articles and tutorials for putting up 3d model aswell as 2d concept arts.


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