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Matching Sound To Animations In Flash


This is something I worked at for a while. I used to play sounds by selecting start on the properties tab, and the animation never lined up with the sound waves on timeline. If you switch it to stream, it changes the wave and allows animation to be aligned to the sound. Also, a sound can be cut short by not extending the frames enough, so beware.Hope I helped againPeaceAaron

Web cafeee

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Well I visited the site that you keep referring to in all of your posts..and I must say there’s nothing there that impresses me at all.If I look at the HTML in their page it makes me laugh so much I almost cry ;)The page is just a block of tables, it was probably done in MS word or Go Live which as a designer really doesn’t inspire any confidence in their understanding of programming languages.They really don’t understand the web colour palette because there are 36 errors where they keep specifying colours on each table that don’t actually exist!The CSS is also failing any validation because again it’s full of basic errors.Their portfolio is just full of mockups made probably in Photoshop to make it look there’s a site there when there really isn’t.Also I would love to know what the hell is a Web2.0 banner? anyone?Just looks like they are jumping on the completely meaningless term of Web2.0 without knowing what they are doing!So I really wouldn’t use these people for any work at all because if they can’t even code their own webpage properly what sort of job will they do you for you when you are paying them money?Probably just another 15 year old kid that thinks he can make a business out of this.My two cents...


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