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Need Help..


i get this when i go http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

This site is currently Hosted at Xisto.com

If you are seeing this message then it means that your site is up and your account is functioning properly.

Please see to it that you do the following steps before you continue :-
Login to your cpanel by typing, http://ww38.yoursite.com/cpanel.
Enter the userID and Password.
Change the Email address in your Cpanel. (used to recover your password incase you lose it)
Change the Password in your Cpanel.

I changed my email and password. i don know what's wrong?.. what im i suppose to do?..


Now that you've done this, you start on your site, I assume that index.html is found in your public_html folder which is the one being displayed on your site now. All you need to do is either remove/overwrite that file with your own index.html if you're creating your pages using HTML or deleting it and replacing it with maybe an index.php page instead if you're going to use PHP.If you have a site already at hand ready to be uploaded, then upload it in your public_html directory and if it all goes well, your site should be working straight away as long as the links point to their valid locations and that the case of the letters are the same as the files/images used.If you don't have knowledge in creating sites, using CPanel or FTP you may want to research on this to help you gain more advantage from your webhost.Cheers,MC


Issue resolved.topic closed!


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