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Flash Mx Vs. Mx 2004


I use mx, are there any new features or is 2004 any easier?


I use Flash MX 2004 - I'm a little unsure of your question. Compared to what?? The last version? Did you download thier update of MX 2004??


I use 2004 too, but I never had MX, so I don't really know the difference.


I use mx, are there any new features or is 2004 any easier?


I'm using Flash MX 2004 Pro, and I've never used MX.


But if you're switching, I'd suggest Flash MX 2004 instead of Pro unless you're really good at scripting in Flash. In the Action panel, you can only chose expert mode, which only lets you manually add the codes. You can't switch to "easy mode" to automatically script (I've used Pro for so long that I forgot what the mode's name is...)


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