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Problem After Loggged In Cpanel second strangest thing ;)


sorry for the double posting. this is not some kind of spam, but i think it is better to be on new topic because others might also want to have the same question.ok.this is the situation;1. i've logged into cpanel and did some changes.2. then, i go to my site to view the changes WITHOUT logging out.3. then, the browser showed error msg(error dns/site down).4. the problem is solved only if i came back to my cpanel, and do a LOGOUT.is that a normal issue?thanks


Not sure if that is normal, here is what I have done after making changes.Change the mx record, log out. wait 24 hrs for data to propagate (sometimes it may take up to 48 hours)Change cpanel user password, restart browser before I try to log back in.What other changes that you did I don't know but maybe it has to do with the cookies?? mmmmm cookies :)Nils


Cpanel runs on browser sessions not cookies, whever you close all instances of cpanel in your browser then goto your cpanel again you should be forced to re-enter your login details. I am not to sure what the problem is with your dns but I will investiate into the matter.


no, i dont think it is about dns.is anyone else also having the same problem?


I change the settings , go to my site.. keep working , give support simulteneouly etc... and after a long time, I go back to my Cpanel again and it still works fine for me.You are among the 800 + hosted members who is facing this problem. Now that really worries.. me :)I am sure, it is from your browser. Go to your friends palce and try it again.But dont save the passwords at the POPUP box, else you will come yelling at me..


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