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This For Astahost Team


You give away a free hosting , with no cost .what you earn from that ?a you earn from the banners (advertising)?or there are another way because I still wonder how you earn from one just post in the forums.thank you.


We got a Paid hosting company "http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; Soon we will be putting up advertiserments and offers for members who can shift to paid hosting with much better performance and uptime. We are not just any company with plans to make revenue from the ads. As for the posting, It was my dream to have a forum dedicated only for computes and to make up a nice community. Else, I could had spent the same time on my other site Xisto.com which also ranks amoung the best free hosting companies.Astahost has more features and performance than trap, due to higher quality of posts expected at the forums.PS : WE ARE NOT GOING TO FORCE ANY MEMBER TO SHIFT TO PAID HOSTING. Xisto WILL CONTINUE PROVIDING FREE HOSTING SERVICES FOR EVER! WE WILL ONLY BE GIVING OFFERS TO OUR MEMBERS SO THAT THEY DONT HAVE TO BE ACTIVE AND POST AT THE FORUMS. WE ARE NOT LIKE OTHER HOSTS WHO FORCE MEMBERS TO SHIFT TO PAID HOSTING AFTER A SPECIFIC PERIOD OF TIME.


I really laud this move to keep Xisto.com free.


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