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Macromedia Flash.The best grafyx animation software ever made.well i m using flash since version 4. and now using xp.well. i think. it is the coolest animations software.u can make 2-d animations.also can create 3 effects.Most of the sites today.. r built on Flash.it is easy, fast, and cachy :Pif u havent used it.... then u must use it ! it is the best one !!!


uh sure...well, what program do you use to create your Flash works? Do you have a sample or something of your previous works? Cause I'm not quite sure what the point of this topic is...


I think he was asking what program we use to create our flash works. Although it is kinda hard to tell. I think that ThinkEr should think about what he is writing a little bit more before he writes it. I too use Flash MX to create flash documents. It is a very good program with alot of options.


oh i see he is promoting Flash MX guys.. Flash is really a magnificient software man.. i agree.. But dun u think its trouble some to build those animes and webpages when compared to swish??


Macromedia Flash is good for scripting and customization.Swish is good for animation and as well as some scripting.3Dswift is good for 3d animation with lighting and environment settings.You can merge all these 3 softwares to create spectacular animations for your visitors.


eh....a lot of people had been talking about how 'good' Swish is....never ever tried it. The only flash program I've used is Flash MX.


I use Flash MX too. I find it great for creating buttons, animations, and many other useful things for websites.


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