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Hosting Music Files the cans and cannots


alright, obviously it is illegal to have copyrighted music on your hosting...whether it's in Xisto or anywhere else. But what if i have a file that i recorded, but is based on copyrighted sheet music? Can I host that legally? And what if i had figured a song out on my own or with the aid of some uncopyrighted sheet music and recorded that...is that illegal to host and display to the general public? thanks in advance for any help


sigh, it'd be nice if someone would answer...otherwise i could be doing something illegal without knowing and thus losing my hosting account...


unauthorised public performance of any song is prohibited... but i don't think people would mind if you'd clearly state on your website that the music isn't yours.. Bands do cover songs of eachother too all the time, and they sell it, and you won't sell yours i suppose? Just make sure it's a bit low quality sound, so nobody would think you'd want to sell it later on.


I think you would be aight if you had a disclaimer detailing that u recored the songs yourself,, ect.PLease do not host to many of these files and abuse your bandwidth.


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