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How I Can Create Preloader For Flash


hihow i can create preloader for flash?if you have script or *.fla files or toturials please offer


well i know pixel2life.com has some if you search preloader under flash. But besides that I've got nothin to offer as help...sorry


Preloader basically preloads the flash movie so it can be viewed without stoping.if u dont use a preloader the movie will not animate as it is in ur computer. it will work slowly. preloader , first load the movie from the site and then run.making a simple preloader is very easy !if u have a movie clip. of 200 FramesDo thison ur first frame. set the action to stopthen on the first frame set the action to{iFFrameiSLoaded200Play}it will first load the 200 frames. and then start the movie...i hope u have understood wat actually is a preloader !!!!


i think that soleimanian is looking for a more complex preloader which will also inform the user how far into the preloading is the .swf file. I guess he/she could put a "loading images" image on the first frames...


Have you ever heard about swishmax? it is a simple program that can build interesting flash(swf). very easy to understand and have a nice interface. goto

http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ ,

click "movie/sample" to to see the samples created using it. you'll be amazed.


um...are you saying that swishmax has the ability to make preloaders? Not quite sure what was the reason why you'd suddenly give us a link to another flash-making program =P


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