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I know most people use Fireworks or Photoshop for Graphic Design. Are there any other programs?


Tons out there... just that these 2 are one of the leading... some example are CoralDraw and Paint Shop Pro...


...which are not as powerful


I sometimes use pixia. Its for free, very nice and easy to learn. Gimp is good too, runs smooth on linux but buggy on windows. They are not as powerful compared to those propriety softwares but they are the best free alternative around.


I'm tried all designs programs but nope always win photoshop it's tremendly powerfull, features, etc. For now none desing program can beat phothoshop rules.Well maybe i'm a little extreme, but I have used phothoshop since 2.5 version and I'm accustomed to working with it. If you find a little hard to use, the only way is with practice, find tutorials in web and learn how to use, it's not so hard to learn.Greets Deivid


For now none desing program can beat phothoshop rules.

Well maybe i'm a little extreme, but I have used phothoshop since 2.5 version and I'm accustomed to working with it.


There are other great programs out there, photoshop just has the benefit of popularity. For example The Gimp, can undoubdedly compare. And it's completely free.

Deivid, it might be because you've used photoshop since so long that you can't find any program that tops it, you would need to use the other program for an equal amount of years to compare it, actually. Because I find that if I compare a program with photoshop, I get tired of trying to learn a new way of working/Gui, and just go back to photoshop telling myself the program I tried is no good. That's not fair. It's just that we're too lazy or uncomfortable with changing our habits.


Try using both fireworks and flashmx to form the msot awesomely awesome graphix...but meh i like gimp also and I like photoshop elements but I gotta say flash has some pretty sick designing paintbrushes...but photoshop has better selection tools...so it's really a question of what kind of picture you want to make or edit....Try using photoshop for one part of your picture and then fireworks for the other


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