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Hey guys, I have created an image in Photoshop that I want to use as my website front end, but I have a few questions:1. How do I go about putting the hyperlinks into my navigation menu?2. I want to use the blank space I have left as a frame, what would be the best way to this? I was thinking of creating the layout of frames in dreamweaver theb slicing and inserting the images into the individual frames? the filling the centre frame the same colour as the frotn end so it belnds in


Slicing images to use as a web layout is a very bad idea. With the level of CSS support in browsers today (IE7, Firefox, Opera, Safari), there is no need to use sliced images to construct a web layout.

Use <ul> for a navigation menu, you can find lots at http://www.cssplay.co.uk/

Frames aren't also a good idea, you can use PHP/ASP includes or if you are embedding content from other sites, use JavaScript or Flash.


Frames are rarely used these days in 'real' web design since it has been replaced by CSS, which is easier to use and more feature-rich. Slicing would still be used to convert an image from Adobe Photoshop into a web page, but you should also take time out to re-code the site using CSS.


Sometimes we use slicing to make an email newsletter, though I'm starting to suspect that our clients aren't receiving it because the text to image ratio is causing spam filters to catch it :\Yes definitely go with CSS or PHP or some level like that. You'll have more fun learning it in the long run, and it will look better.


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