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Apparently, pro web designers do their web layout using a technique called slicing. Check this out!


Yes, these slices just load much faster then a big picture, i used to designe my webpages working with photoshop, after i finished it i sliced it into many parts.I also used a preloader script for these main parts of the website so my websites always appear very fast.


the tutorial is on image ready, actually you can do this on photoshopfirst make a slice for your template/image in any size and how many slice you want by using slice tool (you can resize the slice by hitting and hold "Ctrl" key while the slice tool is active)after you finish slicing select and click "File" -> "Save for web"a "Save for Web" dialog box appearselect different tab views for different optimize settings actually you can change these settings in right side and select what type of image it will output/save i.e. jpg, gif or png and experiment w/ different optimize settings for different file size and colorbe sure to select all slice and changes the optimize settings for each sliceand then click on "Save"(in the right side of menu)select if it ouput images only or w/ htmlthen your done


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