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I just went threw part of the sub topics on this subject, and noticed several of the sub forums don't have the start new topic button. I had a Google question I wanted to ask. So this may not be in exactly the right place but hopefully some knowlegdable person will find it and answer for me. (and maybe fixe the other sub topics too)


I noticed on my new desktop, with windows 7 professional, when I highlight something it automatically appears in the Google search window. I know Google is a terrible hog of information gathering and I was just curious if they even can know what text that you highlight when it ends up in their window. Just how far can their nasty spying habits go? I find it a bit creepy they might be recording every name, web site, recipe, medicine I want to check out, or even just paste into a personal file for myself.


Umm.... I think I need more details here. When I highlight text in Chrome and then right click it, I get two options: "copy", "search google for '*highlighted text here*'". Where is this text you try to copy? Is it in a browser? If so, are you using Chrome? I.E.? Firefox? I can't find any option anywhere under Chrome that relates to your issue. So like I said, more details.


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