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Looking For.. Integrated free bulletin board system


I have no idea if this question has been asked before, but I'm wondering what the best message board is, with the following requirements I'd like to see:-not some ordinary crappy design-Redesignable-When a person logs onto my site, I'd like him to be able to see, write, reply to the forum without registering/logging in again in the forum itself-When I click the forum link, it only has to change pages, the header/menu/footer should stay the same.Meaning I'd like to know fi theres a completely integratable forum available for free?


Well you can try Ipb Not much forums out there if your so picky and plus you want it for free.


The problem with Invision PowerBoard and other big Forums is that it takes a massive load of editing before you can even call it integrated into your site, I've seen a php news system coming up here and I don't think a message board system would differ that much would it?


Try PHPBBIts very good...


i'm going to have to go with PHPBB, it definately is one of the best free ones out there with many themes and mods that you can download and use for your site. it can be used with phpnuke which i use for my site so yeah, i would suggest phpBB


well from what your asking i dont think a BB would do you much good, To get all the feactures that you want without having to change a bunch of *BLEEP* around, i would go with a CMS like phpnuke or postnuke or one like that. that seems like it would be the simplist way if you asked me.


what about just a message board, not necessarily a bulletin board,If i was to use PHPbb, could it actually link to the membersystem of the site itself? So that when a user registers/logs in on my site, they have access to the board aswell?


i'll suggest phpbb. i already have integrated my site's authentication with what phpbb uses. so you really get what you want. when they are logged in your site, they are also logged in phpbb. when they register in your site, they are also registered in phpbb. in general, your site and phpbb will have the same auth system. if just want make the header/menu/footer to be the same. you must edit the overall header and footer templates to your liking. i can integrate phpbb to your site. if you are interested just tell me, i can help.


Hmm, thank you for your info mobious.First of all, I have to wait till i get my free hosting (waiting for 2 days now for a reply ) then Ill need to make my site the way I want it to be (It seems I want it to look and act just like a CMS, but I wanted to learn webdesigning in php first before Using some noobsystem like phpnuke (noob as in "you don't have to do much").If that's done I do would like your help on integrating phpbb, i just can't offer you anything, im an 18yr old student with no money hehe


*looks at the mirror* i'm just 16 with no money either!


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