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Mssql Remote Database?


I want to use 4 laptop using 1 mssql server(master) as a client.Master mssql ip is : ip is (trying as\databaseame)laptop2 ip is (trying as\databasename)laptop3 ip is (trying as\databasename)laptop4 ip is (trying as\databasename)But it didnot connect please help me i am new in this mssql thanks.


You have gave us a little information and in this case saying what is wrong with your config is really hard. first thing i can say is that check to see if the database server is working on , in many cases you run a mssql server and it doesn't even run on the server so connecting to it remotely is impossible so first check mssql on the server to see if it works. the other thing you need to check is the connection between server and each computer, simple way to do this is using ping command in commandline which i assume you know better than me so from now i have two assumptions 1. the mssql is correctly running on server and 2. the connection between all laptops as well as the server is proper and there is no problem for them to communicate with each other.


Now you should prepare your mssql server to allow remote connections, for doing this just go to connection section in server properties and make sure "Allow remote connections to this server" is checked, this is the only setting required by the server for allowing remote connections but there are also some other settings that can effect your remote connection. one of them is network protocol which you should check to see if TCP/IP is enabled there. the other thing is the port used by tcp/ip for this type of connection, you can find out the port in TCP/IP properties, you should be sure that this port is open in firewall for any connection. for doing this in both server and your clients check their specific OS tutorials for opening a port in windows firewall because this differs from win server to win 7 or win xp. there is also a complete tutorial about the same thing in microsoft website : https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc646023.aspx


If neither of above solutions worked for you then try to search your error code in microsoft website. some simple things you can check also are 1. check to see if SQL browser service is running on server. 2. use target machine name instead of ip if you are using mssql server on a local network. 3. check your firewall for anything related to sql browser service. 4. use extra monitoring softwares for more detailed log about what is happening between your computers for better results. and remember the error codes you get are very important because they themselves say what is wrong and what is needed to be changed.


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