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Love Triangle?


Okay this is weird but I think I'm in love with 2 guys.One is my ex boyfriend and one is my current boyfriend. They're both really nice and caring.My relation with my current boyfriend is going really well. He loves me a lot and we share a very special bond. He is sensitive and cares a lot about me and I lobe him a lot too.On the other hand I just can't stop thinking about my ex. We were never that close when we were dating and I never thought I loved him before but now I keep finding ways to talk to him. He still loves me and wants me back and I like him too. He's funny and loving and an amazing listener. I'm so confused.. What should I do?


Yes, I would say that you are definatly confused. You really brag on your current boyfriend, about how great he is and how close you are to him, and admit that you were never that close with your former boyfriend. So I really don't see your cause for confusion. It seems to me pretty obvious that number 2 is the better of the 2. Why did you break up with no. 1? Did you learn something about him, or even yourself about what you do or do not like in a mate? Did he have some habit you couldn't bring yourself to accept? We all learn from our experiences in life. It sounds like you are seeing the improvements with your second boyfriend, which is good. Now I'm sure your first boyfriend has some redeming qualities, or otherwise you wouldn't of been attracted to him in the first place, but now you've moved on to something better hopefully, so it might be best if you accept things and move on.


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